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Air Tractor

Single Engine Airtanker
AT tiny
For more than two decades now, the Air Tractor AT-802 has served with distinction at the front lines of wildfires in Canada and around the globe. As an initial attack airtanker, the AT-802 is appreciated among aerial firefighting circles as a fast, maneuverable aircraft that’s both operationally effective and economical.

Designed from the wheels up to fight wildfires, and offered in single AT-802F and dual seat cockpit AT-802A configurations it uses an advanced, patented computer-controlled fire gate to deliver optimum coverage levels with extreme accuracy.

The AT-802/802A is the world’s largest single engine aircraft, and its popularity reflects the industry’s trend to larger, high-production turbine equipment. With a payload of 9,249 lbs, the AT-802A provides more working capacity than any other single-engine aerial firefighter. Its power, speed and payload delivers large operational efficiencies.

Conair also provides technical support, including aircraft modifications and engineering support. Conair holds a substantial spare parts inventory to support our customers.

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Airtractor AT802F

AT-802F “Fire Boss”
Amphibious Airtanker
Equipped with Wipaire amphibious floats, the Air Tractor’s AT-802F “Fire Boss” adds yet another dimension of capability for fire fighters. It can scoop 800 gallons of water in 12-15 seconds and be off the water and on its way again to the front lines in as few as 20-30 seconds.
With the ability to work as a land-based aircraft or a skimmer, the “Fire Boss” can drop an initial load of retardant then remain close to the fire by scooping water from a nearby lake.

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Airtractor AT802F Fireboss

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Tim Garrish - Oroville WA
Over Harrison Hot Springs BC - photo by Lloyd Blazs
Air Tractor - Beaver Lake Road, Okanagan BC Fire from - taken by Jim Moody-tail 99
July 2014 Smith Creek wildfire in Kelowna BC