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For over 50 years Conair Group Inc. (Conair) has led the aerial firefighting industry, supporting government agencies with the largest, privately owned, fixed-wing fleet in the world, flying up to 12,000 flight hours per year. A skilled team of 350 professionals equips the company’s 70 aircraft with the latest tools and technology, going above and beyond to ensure aircraft are ready to dispatch when needed. With a focus on safety, Conair offers pilots a specialized Training + Tactics Centre, the only one in the world of its kind, providing access to simulators that produce successful missions in real world operations.

Conair’s versatile fleet includes Bird Dogs, Land-Based Airtankers and Amphibious Aircraft. The newest airtanker is the Dash 8-400AT, with a 10,000 litre capacity to drop suppressant over diverse geography.

Offering a depth of resources, Conair provides wildfire agency partners the full advantage of economies of scale when enhancing, modernizing, or outsourcing operational support for their aerial firefighting resources. Conair provides aircraft for purchase, lease or contract, offering specialized services including engineering, flight operations and fleet maintenance related to aerial firefighting.

Our Vision

We work together to provide innovative, exceptional aerial suppression and fire fighting services to our customers and their communities.

We continually strive to improve our safety and service while offering greater value to our customers and shareholders.

We incorporate four values into everything we do and base all of our corporate decisions and actions on these fundamentals:

  • Supporting each other;
  • Refining our safety practices;
  • Improving service to our customers;
  • Being accountable for our commitments.

Individually and collectively, we are accountable for our performance, the delivery of our commitments and the results delivered to our customers, our organization and our shareholders.

Our History

Originally called Conair Aviation Ltd., the company was formed in 1969 as a subsidiary of Skyway Air Services of Langley, British Columbia.

Current CEO, Barry Marsden, was one of the founding members of the company that began with 35 employees and 19 aircraft.

While initially doubling as both a budworm spraying and aerial fire fighting business, the next two decades saw significant expansion of Conair’s fleet, capabilities and services in the aerial fire fighting sector.

Today, with more than 350 employees and 70 aircraft, Conair is a world leader in fixed wing aerial fire management services and products.