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Simulator Program

Conair’s Training and Tactics Centre is the world’s largest and most comprehensive aerial firefighting training facility. It is the first commercial aviation mission-based training system built to the standards of military mission simulation and debriefing. It was built to provide Conair pilots with the ability to perform mission-based procedures within the safe environment of flight simulators. Everyone learns by doing and the repetitive practice using real-life scenarios in a controlled setting creates pilots that are better prepared for fighting fires in the real world.

Phase one was completed with the construction of the K Barry Marsden Training Centre, housing a Transport Canada Level D certified RJ85 full motion simulator, which was upgraded in 2021 to include airtanker systems in the cockpit, adding aerial fire specific graphics including smoke, fire, and retardant lines.

Phase two was completed with the addition of a Level 5 AT802 Flight Training Device (FTD), with both wheels and floats, one of the only 2 certified AT802F simulators in the world. The cockpit is designed to match Conair’s fleet of AT802 aircraft precisely.

Phase three was completed with the addition of the Mission Training System (MTS), the first in the world of its kind. This specialized simulator platform incorporates six integrated FTDs, each certified to Level 4 by Transport Canada, with pilots operating together in a synthetic wildfire environment. Both Bird Dogs, or lead planes, and airtankers are able to practice together over a simulated fire, mimicking the complex aerial arena real life conditions create. Government agency Air Attack Officers, who strategize and coordinate the wildfire aerial response, are able to practice alongside pilots. FTD types in the MTS include Dash 8-400, RJ85, C-208, TC 690B and AT802 wheeled and Fire Boss.

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Mark Baird
Program Manager, Flight Simulation
Tel: 604.309.5044