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The Next Generation Airtanker

Conair’s Dash 8-400AT was recently featured in Aerial Fire Magazine: “During the 2021 fire season, while Canada and the U.S. developed plans around having access to their combined resources, Mother Nature threw a curveball this season, keeping each country’s resources at home trying to deal with domestic wildfires. Officials across both borders, and into Mexico, have issued strong warnings about the potentially catastrophic fire conditions that may well be the new normal, with major drought conditions across the continent. Given that airtanker fleets worldwide continue to age, set amidst a global increase in wildfires, Conair set out to find a solution that would provide a modern aircraft that would see the company’s operations thrive decades into the future. Conair’s Dash 8-400 Airtanker was designed to provide a “Next Gen” aircraft suitable for operations worldwide. Already in service, the “Q”, as it has been nicknamed, has proven itself to be a dependable platform for successful air attack operations for operators large and small.” Read more of the article from Aerial Fire Magazine…

Photo Credit: Damien Fournier