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The Dash to France

A Dash 8-400AT airtanker has left Canada for Europe to support firefighting efforts in France.

The Conair airtanker will support Sécurité Civile on an operational contract for the summer, assisting firefighters in the country.

Negotiations began in January 2023, as France prepared its operations after a devastating fire season in 2022 when more than 65,000 hectares burned.

“France has been exemplary in their proactive response to the consequences of last year’s wildfires that ravaged parts of the country,” said Matt Bradley, President and CEO of Conair Group Inc. “France anticipated similar wildfire challenges in future years and acted quickly, enhancing their fleet and strengthening their air resources. This spring, France accepted the eighth multi-role Dash 8-400MRE airtanker into their own fleet, built by Conair, plus contracted a Dash 8-400AT airtanker from Conair’s fleet, reinforcing their capability. We are proud to support France, continuing to grow our 40-year partnership.”

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