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Multi-Group Simulators Certified for Aerial Firefighting

Conair Group’s six flight training devices (FTDs) in its Mission Training System (MTS) platform are now certified to Level 4 by Transport Canada. The six FTDs are federated devices which allow aerial firefighting pilots the ability to train over the same wildfire at the same time, practicing in coordination to produce more effective, and safer, missions.

“This certification is incredibly important as it means the MTS is the first training system of its kind in the world to be certified for aerial firefighting,” said Scott Stewart, manager, Flight Standards with Conair.

“Our pilots can now gain credit for training in the MTS, reducing the total time required in the actual aircraft. Not only can we train our pilots more effectively, in multi group simulator sessions, we can train them more efficiently, giving them significantly more experience over fires to prepare for real-world operations from within the safe confines of a simulator platform. Additional specific approvals, including low visibility and night training, allow us to train crews for the challenges of aerial firefighting in a much more realistic and meaningful manner.”

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