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It Takes a Team – IT Support


Ensuring our fleet is ready to dispatch requires the efforts of many professionals, including IT. Anthony Franta shares his path to Conair, his role, and what he finds rewarding…

I completed my Bachelor of Computer Information Systems at the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, British Columbia and chose to work with Conair as the ‘industrial’ aspect appealed to me over a more traditional office. Plus the planes are cool! I learned after I started that I had friends of coworkers, family of friends, and even family members already working here.

Starting as an IT Support Technician at Conair, I am now a Systems Administrator, with more responsibilities, providing more cloud services, security, and remote connectivity. And I have been pulled into the simulator world within our Training + Tactics Centre where I work with a team of highly skilled individuals to accomplish our training goals for our pilots. Much of the IT Department work is seasonal, corresponding to groups deploying to various airtanker bases for the fire season or training in the off season. Plus, we have ongoing conversion and maintenance programs, all relying on IT, so if something goes down, it is imperative to have it back up and running in the shortest amount of time possible.

The changing landscape of aerial firefighting, as well as IT, means everyday there is something new and exciting to both challenge and enjoy. Lots to learn and lots to keep engaged. If you are adaptable, you will find success at Conair!

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