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Consistent Results: Conair Q400AT RDS

August 2020 – Conair’s Q400AT Airtanker performed a Coverage Level 1 (CL1), 10,000 litre test water drop at Abbotsford International Airport. The trial was a good indication of the calibration of the purpose-built tank, illustrating strong, consistent coverage results, meeting Interagency Airtanker Board (IAB) standards in relation to aerial delivery systems.

Modified from a Bombardier Dash 8, the Next Generation Conair Q400AT is a dedicated aerial firefighting tool, featuring two 5000+ hp turbo-prop engines and a 10,000 litre retardant payload system. Its proprietary constant flow Retardant Delivery System (RDS) was designed and engineered by the team at Conair and features one door allowing the unit to behave as a single tank.

Once flow rate is established, the coverage remains constant at the set coverage level (from CL 0.5 to 8) for the duration of the drop.  If a higher coverage level is required, the doors open wide. If a lower flow rate is needed (CL1), the doors open less. In all scenarios, the door opening increases during the drop to keep the flow rate constant as changes in head pressure occur as the tank empties.

Achieving a consistent flow rate for all coverage levels start to finish is what we strive for and what is required by the IAB. Conair continues to incorporate new technology and innovation in order to improve safety and service while offering value to our customers.

Photo Credit: Jeff Bough

Watch the Video of the Drop: