Pilot Application
Thank you for taking the time to apply for employment as a pilot for Conair Group Inc. By submitting personal information through the on-line application process, the applicant acknowledges that such information is being provided voluntarily and may be used by Conair for the sole purpose of maintaining an inventory of potential candidates for available work opportunities. Conair does not sell, share or otherwise disclose your personal data with other companies, organizations, agencies or individuals, except with your express consent or where mandated by law to do so. In keeping with our commitment to personal privacy and confidentiality, Conair has put in place appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure that all personal data we collect is protected, stored and handled in an appropriate manner. In order to help safeguard personal data, Conair also has a formal information security program in place. These measures help prevent the unauthorized disclosure, access, or use of personal data. All personal information you supply is protected according to the federal government’s Privacy Act. This means that you are entitled to know when the information is collected and to be informed of the purpose of such collection, but also to access said information. We are legally bound to save all personal information you provide for at least two (2) years after its use so that you may reasonably access them. After that time, your personal information will be destroyed. You can, at any time, access the personal information we have collected about you, modify it or ask us to delete it. To do so, or if you have any questions or comments regarding this policy, please contact us at comework@conair.ca. Please fill out all fields below. Instructions:
  • If you have no applicable hours, please enter 0.
  • If you have no answer for the field, please type None.
  • Please note that Conair operates fixed-wing aircraft - all hours requested below pertain to fixed-wing aircraft experience only.
  • Definition Mountain Time: Flight experience gained below the peaks in an area of changing terrain profile where the changes of terrain elevation exceed 3000 feet within a distance of 10 NM
  • Definition Low Level Time: Operations less than 500’ AGL: Aerial Firefighting, Aerial Application, SAR, or Aerial Recon
If you are unable to complete the online application form, please contact comework@conair.ca, including answers to the online questions along with your resume in your email (maximum 20MB file size – pdf only).
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