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Air Tractor AT802 Fire Boss

The most developed, high performance, reliable light amphibious airtanker available in the world today, providing state-of-the-art capability. A large, single engine, turbo-prop, purpose built fire fighting aircraft that combines the airframe and systems from the wheeled Air Tractor AT-802AF with a Wipaire Inc. float kit installed. Can operate from either fixed airport facilities (paved or gravel) or suitable sized water bodies. Equipped and certified for day/night VFR operations. Two separate hoppers connect at both top and bottom, and are then connected to a stainless steel fire gate, giving total maximum capacity of 3,028 litres (800 US Gallons). On-board 181-litre foam concentrate reservoirs enable up to 38 drops across an average mission profile of water/suppressant mix at 0.2% before needing to be refilled.