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Claude Marchand

Director of Flight Operations

Claude began his aviation career in 1982 as a helicopter pilot and has accumulated in excess of 10,000 accident-free hours operating in numerous roles, including Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) operations.

Claude first joined Frontier Helicopters (an earlier division of Conair) in 1986 and later progressed to Chief Pilot of the newly-renamed Conair Helicopters Division, where he remained until Conair closed the rotary wing division in 2001. He moved over to Transport Canada to the National Training Group in Ottawa, where he supported the training program for their helicopter pilot group. Claude transferred back to the west coast to fly and instruct on Canadian Coast Guard Bell 212’s and BO105’s.

In 2008, Claude rejoined Conair to head up the company’s Safety Program, bringing his passion and commitment for aviation safety with him. In 2013, he accepted the position of Director of Flight Operations and is responsible for the day-to-day activity of the division. Claude will also have a key role in the recruitment process at Conair, which is currently underway.